What’s Up, November?

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Late post but November was great so…let’s get it on!


Whats-up-Nov 1

Visit josephfeeding.org or add them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/josephfeedingmission


Whats-up-Nov 2

She collaborated for Hey Jow’s new collection called “Follow Your Heart” for the benefit of…. guess who? Yes, for the benefit of JOSEPH FEEDING MISSION! How awesome is that? I’m so delighted to attend this event. I ended my day with a fat heart because I’m surrounded with people with generous hearts. An endless thank you to you guys, Martine and Joana!

(Side note: Mia Sison and Nica Cosio of Craft Party PH also gave a special offering for JFM. Waaahhh! You guys are beyond awesome!) Go and check them out! :D

Whats-up-Nov 3

  • I organized a simple meeting with some of Share Movement’s contributors for our latest baby project, Shop and Share! I feel so blessed to have known people who are enthusiastically willing to share their talent and time for a greater cause.

We can’t wait to officially launch this project, so follow @sharemovement and our hashtag #ShopAndSharePH for updates!


Whats-up-Nov 8 (Top to bottom / Left to Right)
  • Anna and The French Kiss – The book I currently love. (except the title tho) but yeahhhh I love it. I love each characters. I miss reading it!! Huhu
  • Juice Hut Manila invited me to take over their Instagram account for 10 days! Mia sent over some amazing juices ~ My mom and I loved it! Check it out here.
  • Bunnie of NIQUA loved what I did for her event (DIY Bespoke Your Niqua), so she invited me again to shoot for her collaboration event with Signa Residences. It was nice! <3

Whats-up-Nov 7

  • My generous auntie Chit is in town, so my mom organized a special dinner with the family. Nomnomnom! <3

Whats-up-Nov 6

  • I also had a fun shoot and unexpected sleepover with my cousins. How cute are they?

Whats-up-Nov 5 Whats-up-Nov 4

  • The first one to get married in our barkada is Chynn! Here are some photos of the bridal shower, plus the wedding~ heart emoticon AHHHHH. This is it, we’re getting old~~~~

How was your November?


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