What’s Up, Jan? (2016)

New year, new set of monthly updates!


Whats-up-Jan 1So glad to get back on track. After all the festive get togethers, time to be festive through giving! Thank God for Joseph Feeding Mission for giving us opportunities to share our blessings. <3

SHARE MOVEMENT Whats-up-Jan 2I recently blogged about Kendo Creative. Want to know more about it? Check out my post about them  here. ;)Whats-up-Jan 3Woohoo!!! So after months of brainstorming, praying, and planning, I finally had the courage to launch Shop and Share! Read what it’s all about and how it started here. here.

PERSONALWhats-up-Jan 4 Left – Right
A simple New Year celebration with my family at home.

Days after, we celebrated my nephew’s birthday. This is what his younger brother prepared for him. So cute! <3

I just can’t get over Stephanie Perkin’s series. Rollercoaster of emotions with this last book. AHHHH!! Can someone make a movie out of this book?

Whats-up-Jan 5We’re starting to love moments like this. Coffee plus some board game time with my nephews. How cute is this monopoly board? Perfect-easy-to-bring-board-game! <3
Whats-up-Jan 6If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know about my newfound love for Taiwan. I think God was delighted to see us happy soooo He made a way to bring us back this year! Thanks to Pau’s parents for making this possible. :) Beyond grateful!
Whats-up-Jan 7What a great way to start the year right? I’ll probably post some random tips for people who want to explore Taiwan but for now, you can read my previews series here. ;)

How did you start your year? Was it a great one?

Tell us about it! Let’s share. ;)

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