Traveling to Taipei and Tokyo

IMG_31321Traveling has always been a dream. of mine. It’s something that seems impossible with my line of work, but God is a God of surprises! Last December I was blessed to get to travel again!

I can’t thank God enough for making things work and making one of my dreams come true – going to JAPAN!!! Before going to Japan, we made a quick stop in Taiwan.
IMG_31921I was with Paulo’s (my boyfriend) family, my childhood friend Josh, and my sister.
DSCF80861Everyone was so excited to quickly tour my sister around Taipei. We rode the UBus from Taoyuan Intl. Airport going to Taiwan High Speed Rail Station.
Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 6.11.49 PM

Listening to TROMS’ Radio Program while waiting. IMG_32131We arrived in Taiwan around 7PM so our agenda for the night was to roam around Ximending. IMG_32181 IMG_32791 IMG_33091 IMG_33241Of course, Paulo couldn’t go home without eating Ay-Chung’s Flour Rice Noodle & stinky tofu. (Blogged about Taipei’s Must-Try Food here) 15895193_241624109595171_6167318476788436559_n1 IMG_33391We went around Ximending, tried a lot of food, searched for Hokkaido Ice Cream, then called it a night!IMG_33181 DSCF81031

The next day…We took off to Japan!

IMG_33821Hello from the Japan crew. Haha! That’s Alex, tito Allen, Dan, Harry, Josh, tita Amy, Paulo and ate Janice.

 Josh, ready for Japan!
IMG_3366 I’m not an expert when it comes to commuting in Taipei but here’s what we usually do. IMG_33851 Go to Kuo-Kuang Transport to ride a bus going to Taoyuan International Airport. IMG_33981 Here’s a photo of the bus fares:IMG_33921 You can check which bus terminal you’re assigned. It depends on your Airline. IMG_33931Before entering the bus, your luggage will have a specific Bag tag. Keep it because you need that to claim your luggage. ;)IMG_33881 IMG_34081 Twinning with Paulo. ❤DSCF8145 All smiles while waiting for our rice burgers!DSCF81401I’m beyond grateful to finally travel with my sister. One of the highlights of this trip! (PS: It has always been our dream to go to Japan and go to Disneyland and we’re glad it finally happened!!! More about that on my next blog) DSCF81421Off to Tokyo! Yeee I got kilig seeing that it was 10 degrees. It was my first time experiencing this temperature! #TropicalBabyIMG_34351 I must say, Mos Burger’s Rice Burger is so tasty! *thumbsup! IMG_34381Paulo and I watched Tarzan and I read this book that I got from Share Movement’s Let’s Share Gathering for Booklovers. ❤ IMG_34481 We arrived in Japan around 1:30 PM.
IMG_34831I realized that ate Janice and I matched our outfits with our luggage. Haha!DSCF81541IMG_34891At the airport, you can have your money exchanged. TIP: You have to get 1 form per currency. Here’s a sample of the form. IMG_34951 IMG_34941  THIS IS IT! We rode the Narita Express going to Shinjuku. IMG_34991 IMG_36151It was the best!!! The view was awesome and the comfort room is SUPERB.
IMG_35081 IMG_35961Upon entering, there’s an area where you can put your luggage, so we didn’t have to carry out luggage all the way to our seats.

IMG_35911 IMG_35941Don’t worry, Japanese people are thoughtful enough to put locks on it (Although we noticed that most of the bags weren’t locked. But who worries about getting their stuff stolen in the most honest country in the world?) 

IMG_35921Dan and Alex

IMG_35271 HarryIMG_35191Hello to our parents for the week. hehe Beyond thankful for them! Thank you po for treating us part of the family. <3IMG_35731First Japanese snack. I remember when we first bought our snacks, I thought the cashier gave us wrong change because they were all coins! Later on, we realized that they actually had a 500YEN coin (Around 220 pesos). So please be careful with your coins. Haha! IMG_35661 Hey, Josh!IMG_35361 My favorite travel buddy. DSCF81711 IMG_36001Thanks to Alain’s generous parents, we stayed at Shinjuku Prince Hotel. This hotel is an absolute best location! DSCF82391As usual, Japanese rooms are small but very functional. IMG_36321 IMG_36341 After checking in, we all went down to hunt for Dan’s (Paulo’s brother) camera.IMG_36691We walked around Shinjuku and my oh my, they had a lot of things going on there! I don’t even know where to begin! IMG_36621 IMG_37131 After roaming around, we had our first official Japanese dinner! Of course, I ate katsu. ;) :PDSCF82711 DSCF82661 IMG_36941 IMG_36831After dinner, my ate and I decided to roam around for a while and just enjoy the fact that we’re really in Japan!!! IMG_37271 


Our hotel is just across McDonalds. If you know me, you know how much I love MCDO. Haha! So, MCDO for midnight snack it was! IMG_37341 Then we went back to our room to rest. ❤ IMG_37171I  love my view. It was a great first day and I can’t wait to share our 2nd day in Japan. In the meantime, check out our video diary! Watch it here:

Camera used: Fujifilm XA2 and Canon G7x Mark II

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