Top 10 Products from Common Room that You Want to Take Home

If you’re reading my blog, you probably know about Shop and Share. Recently, we joined a group of creative makers in a lovely shop called Common Room.

Common Room is a shop where ‘makers gather’ and sell their handmade products. I call it my “torture/happy place” because every time I go there, it makes me want to surrender my wallet and take everything I need…I mean, want. XD :P (As if my wallet can afford everything! Hah!)

Anyway, let me just show you my top 10 favorite products in Common Room!

1. I don’t know how to cook (yet) and this apron is a great tap on my shoulder. Haha!

DSCF96942. Who love comics? Krafty Pirate made sure that you’ll love it even more by making these cute wallets and pouches.

DSCF01433. Cozy looking pillows. <3DSCF96914. I’ve been wanting to create display lights like these the moment I saw it on Pinterest but I never got the chance to push through with it. Soooo I was delighted to see that they sell it here! I hope they sell letter J tho, but isn’t that ‘&’ light nice??

DSCF96725. Searching for the perfect succulents? They have it too! (Hi The Greenhouse Project!)DSCF9671If you can’t take care of living plants, they have fake ones too! :))

DSCF96706. OKAAAY @KASAKOPH, you made my day just by looking at your products. Home decor or DIY materials can be found here. Errr. So nice.

DSCF9669DSCF96857. Of course, ELLA LAMA PRODUCTS. Let me make it clear that I’m not biased just because she was one of our previous Share Movement speakers. She really produces a lot of great products! Check out these unique looking gift tags and notebooks?

DSCF9680More of Ella Lama, partner your gift tags with her cute gift wrapper. (Ella, ang ganda, please create more of these!!!)
DSCF96828. Moving on to another awesome friend of mine (and one of Share Movement’s previous speakers) Geli Balcruz, “More Coffee Please” mug. I have one of this because… COFFEE. Duh? <3 Check out more of Pluma’s products here: Pluma PH.

DSCF9681 9. Pop Junk Love will absolutely make you love their pillows! Perfect gift, companion, comforter. Everything is just so cute. See that envelope pillow? You can literally insert your letters inside! Great idea guys! ;)

DSCF968710. And of course, you gotta love your own right? SHOP AND SHARE STICKERS!!! It’s perfect for planners, journals, letters, instagram props and a lot more. ;) Get your sticker packs asap because it runs out easily! (Order online here)


Whew~ It was hard choosing my top 10 because I loooove so many things there. Shout out to some of the brands I like, Share Movement partners, Abbey Sy, Sunday Paper Co., and so much more!

They even organize workshops!


If you want to see more of their products, go ahead and check @commonroomph.


 #325 Fabian Dela Rosa St. Katipunan Ave. QC
10am-10pm Daily

  1. This is perfect! We’ll be in Katipunan again over the weekend!! Funny though, I’m always in the area but I haven’t seen this store. Any landmarks I could watch out for?:)

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