Taiwan Series: Day 4

Today is the day we visited Taipei Bike Lane! Before that, we couldn’t miss dropping off Sunmerry bakeshop and cafe to buy some breakfast.

Sunmerry is the place where I realized that most of the locals there can’t speak or understand english. Most of them can only converse in Chinese. (TIP: If you’re planning to visit Taiwan, you should probably learn basic Chinese) Lucky for us, we had Alain to translate for us.




It actually feels good to speak Tagalog in a foreign country – nobody can understand you. Haha! We weirdly enjoyed that part. lol

ANYWAY, ever since we’ve known Alain, he always raves about Taipei Bike Lane (hey that rhymes, HAHA). Taipei is a bike friendly place. It is one of the main modes of transportation there.

IMG_5215IMG_5226In Taipei Cycling, you can rent different kinds of bikes that you can even try out first. It’s pretty cheap! (More info here)IMG_5218 IMG_5235IMG_5249 IMG_5253They have STRETCHES of parks, with amazing view of flowers, nature, city, and a lot more! They also have basketball and other sports facilities inside. You can park your bike anywhere to use them. My photos doesn’t do any justice to its beauty. IMG_5297

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.29.09 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.29.17 AM

Alain told me that he used to go here early in the morning just to bike around, relax, and play basketball. Makes me wish that we had something like this in Manila.
IMG_5293Yes you can rent a “Lovers Bike” It’s actually hard to use. I guess lovers should really have a deep, intimate connection in using this kind of bike. (HAHA!)IMG_5263I can’t wait to go back to this place, bring food or a book, and just chill in the cold relaxing weather.

We didn’t want to stop biking, but we had limited time so off we went!



After our tiring bike adventure, we gave 陳三鼎 Bubble Tea a try. It’s not actually milk tea, but milk and pearls, and they are superb! I couldn’t get enough of it!

IMG_5321 IMG_5326 IMG_5334 Alain’s old school was nearby so we dropped by for a quick tour.IMG_5342We went to JIOU-WU Beef Noodles Group and I’m telling you……..these are the best beef noodles you will ever try in your life! It’s located in a small street.IMG_5378Another bummer tho, the menu is in Chinese.

IMG_5350The beef is just sooo soft and juicy. Each serving is big enough to share. I actually wished I could bring this home to mom!IMG_5362 IMG_5355 After lunch, Alain’s parents were sweet enough to take us to the coffee shop I wanted to visit: The Costumice Cafe. (I blogged about this here)IMG_5382 IMG_5400


IMG_5419 IMG_5540 IMG_5544Our 7th stop of the day was Tamsui, which is around 30 min. MRT ride from Taipei.IMG_5547 IMG_5555 Of course, NIGHT MARKET!




We went on a boat to Lover’s Bridge. The rainbow bridge is so pretty. (But the boat ride on the way there was scary – I wouldn’t dare to go there again at night! Haha)


IMG_5605 IMG_5611 IMG_5613


IMG_5650 After that we had a quick Ramen dinner at Taipei Main Station (was too hungry to shoot haha!) IMG_5664 Then before going home, Alain was brave enough to wait for Uncle Tetsu’s loooong line. It was worth the wait. Cheesecake freshly baked for you! The stall was so popular, each person couldn’t buy more than 2 cheesecakes at once. So have your family or friends line up with you! ;)IMG_5660IMG_5668 IMG_5674 IMG_5682

Awesome midnight snack to wrap up the day! Ahh! I can’t wait to go back. :)


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