Taiwan Series: Day 3

Our third day was the longest day. We went to a lot of different places. Most of them are tourist spots.

Before we explored some of Taiwan’s bustling tourist spots, Alain brought us to their basement to show us the one and only Green Hornet car! Yes, he’s neighbors with Jay Chou! I guess that’s the closest to Hollywood we’ll ever get XP

IMG_4546 1510978_10203951981734807_2521675722802798836_n

We took a quick stop to 7/11 and grabbed some breakfast. We had our little breakfast buffet inside the car then went off to our road trip to Keelung.


First stop is Yehliu Geopark. I can’t remember anything about it except that it was a great place to take photos haha! So that’s what we did! Photos away! (If you want to know more about the place check this)


IMG_4613 Taiwan Day 3

IMG_4586 IMG_4654 IMG_4691It was a little crowded, but it was a big place.  IMG_4590

Hey Josh!


With my “travel mama”, Alain and his dad.
IMG_7115 IMG_4706 IMG_7109

See that red line? You can’t go beyond that line. Go near it and the security guys will make you suffer, haha! Just kidding. But yeah, DON’T GO NEAR THAT RED LINE.


They sell A LOT of dried snacks.IMG_4743But we decided to buy this hokkaido ice cream! THE.BEST.ICE.CREAM.EVER. I’m not kidding…….. ugh!

IMG_7135Then we went off to Jiufen Old Street. Night market!! Or should I say… afternoon market?
Taiwan Day 314

Street food galore!IMG_4769Coffee beans!
IMG_4763Special egg. lol
IMG_4805This is funny. :))

Alain told me that I should eat Taiwanese sausage with fresh garlic – I regret doing it but he loves it. Taiwan Day 31


A restaurant at the end of the road where you can also stay overnight, it comes with a great view!
Taiwan Day 32

Plus it’s a few steps away from this coffee shop! I should’ve tried it. #REGRETS.
IMG_4832 IMG_4837

My cute sharpener


This one is unique. They grate those sweet nuts, put it inside a lumpia-like-wrapper with ice cream! Pretty inventive!
Taiwan Day 318Cute souvenirs ballpens

I don’t know why I can see a lot of owls around. IMG_4814This pic. Another regret of mine. I should’ve bought one leather bag for my laptop or something. They sell a lot of bags!
IMG_4808Then off to another road trip. The zigzag road made us all dizzy. :))IMG_4855 IMG_4850 Stopped by another night market near the train station.
IMG_4875 Taiwan Day 313 IMG_4893 IMG_4879 IMG_4896More souvenirs!IMG_4899 IMG_4940 IMG_4909IMG_4862 IMG_4928 IMG_4926Then our next stop was Maokong Gondola!
IMG_4957Hello Kitty theme! Cutieeee!!
IMG_4964They say it’s best to ride it around 4pm because it’s perfect for the beautiful sunset.
IMG_4971 IMG_5025 IMG_5001The view was amazing!
IMG_5055Of course, you can see Taipei 101 from there too!

IMG_5050Taiwan crew. HEHE.
IMG_5029You can also use it to go to Taipei Zoo Station or some other parts of Taipei.

We stopped by the last station to enjoy some of the place’s famous eateries. We tried their famous oyster omelette, pancit bihon, stinky tofu, and shaved ice dessert with pearls and condensed milk. I wanted to try the mango shaved ice but it wasn’t mango season, so they didn’t sell it during that time :( Eating shaved ice dessert was a challenge in general because the weather was so cold!

Taiwan Day 315 IMG_5074

But eating stinky tofu was waaaay more challenging! Taiwanese people love it…I don’t. It’s basically deep fried fermented tofu…it literally smelled of canal odor! Canal substance on your mouth ladies and gentlemen. What an experience. HAHA! How Alain manages to eat two servings and fully enjoy it? I’ll never know :))
Taiwan Day 310 IMG_5069Moving on, we rode the gondola again back to the city. It was crazy scary at night…
Taiwan Day 312We went to Miramar just to try out Alain’s favorite cream puff. Superb!
Taiwan Day 317We also dropped by this cute food court. Each store had its theme and a certain feel. A very “Instagrammable” food court!
IMG_7270Taiwan Day 33 Taiwan Day 34 Taiwan Day 35 Then we went to this weird looking restaurant called Five Dime Restaurant. (Know more about it here)Taiwan Day 316Taipei is also known for their thematic and bizarre restaurants. I wanted to try Hello City Cafe but, of course, the boys didn’t want to join me.
IMG_5143You could even buy fish food to feed the fish. We enjoyed this one a little too much. Haha!
Taiwan Day 311Our last stop was the Eslite Bookstore. It’s like their version of Fully Booked, but so much better. (Sorry Fully Booked!)
Taiwan Day 38But before that, here’s a funny story on our way to Eslite:
Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.25.50 PM
IMG_7284Back to Eslite, they sell A LOT of useful things there. From books to magazines, decorations, music, and so much more!
Taiwan Day 37 They also have some branches that are open for 24 hours! How cool is that? (Read more about it here)

This place is my second torture place (first is Ikea). Haha! How cute is that lamp? Reminds me of Pixar. Haha!

Taiwan Day 39Before going home, we dropped by this small dessert place to buy some shaved ice dessert (again). As if it wasn’t cold enough over there, haha!IMG_7287I could not understand anything! Good thing Alain was there to translate. (Grabbed these photos from Josh) 

Whew~ What a tiring day! My legs and feet couldn’t handle any more walking. Next time, I’ll definitely make sure to bring my walking shoes with me.

Next on the blog is Taipei’s Bike Lane, plus more of Taiwan’s food!


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