Taiwan Series: Day 1

I’ll be blogging about my Taiwan diary since it’s easier this way. I hope you enjoy taking a look at some cool places and the rest of the series. :)


Taiwan Day 1

Ready to leave Manila!


Taiwan crew. Traveled with my church family. Beautiful airport right?

TaiwanDay1_1 TaiwanDay1_5 TaiwanDay1_6

Bus to Taiwan High Speed Rail or Taoyuan Bullet Train Station. I think you can book your ticket here to save time.


Hi-Cafe is like their version of our Ministop here. They have lots of delicious food there and you can see a lot of branches around Taipei.

TaiwanDay1_7 Too bad we weren’t able to try MOS Burger. :(

TaiwanDay1_10 Here you go! First bullet train experience in Taoyuan! :D

TaiwanDay1_11 TaiwanDay1_3 TaiwanDay1_2 TaiwanDay1_13 TaiwanDay1_12 TaiwanDay1_14 TaiwanDay1_15

MRT to our first night market experience – Shilin!

TaiwanDay1_16 TaiwanDay1_17

Commuting here is so easy and convenient. It can be a little crowded at some parts, but it’s always nice to see everyone follow simple rules like: lining up so passengers can easily go down and ride the train, safety railings as you can see here, and acknowledging the color coded seats specifically for disabled/pregnant/elderly people. What makes their MRT system even more convenient is the MRT card, which is the same card you use for public bikes!


TaiwanDay1_18Shilin is just 6 stops from Taipei Main Station. This is Alain’s favorite night market and one of the most famous night markets in Taipei. (Other Night Markets)

TaiwanDay1_20 TaiwanDay1_21

I don’t really like strawberries but these syrup-coated strawberries are really yummy!

TaiwanDay1_22Shilin doesn’t just sell food. They also sell clothing, shoes, bags and so much more!
TaiwanDay1_23 TaiwanDay1_24STINKY TOFU. Alain loves this but… I can’t stand the smell! Haha!
TaiwanDay1_25 TaiwanDay1_26 TaiwanDay1_34 TaiwanDay1_33My favorite Sausage!! A must try!
TaiwanDay1_32 We ate dinner at a small restaurant in Shilin.

TaiwanDay1_30 TaiwanDay1_27Good thing we have someone who understands Chinese, because I can’t understand their menu!!

TaiwanDay1_28 TaiwanDay1_29 TaiwanDay1_31 After dinner, we found the orginal Hot Star! Look at that big chicken! The line was long but Hot Star’s staff moves really fast so *thumbs up!

TaiwanDay1_35 TaiwanDay1_36

Taipei fashion.

The coldest months are from January to March with the lowest temperature to about 10C (50F). In some rare cases, there will be frost or snow on the high mountain. The hottest months are from June to August with the highest temperature up to around 38C (100F). The average temperature of the rest months is around 25C (77F). ( Via: travelchinaguide.com


TaiwanDay1_37 TaiwanDay1_38

Before wrapping up the night we decided to buy some midnight snacks.

TaiwanDay1_42 TaiwanDay1_43
TaiwanDay1_39 On the way to 7/11 I saw this bike. I honestly can’t believe nobody would steal this bike. If it were here in Manila… it would be gone in minutes! #SadTruth

TaiwanDay1_41Anyway! It was safe to rome around outside. It was very quiet and there are lights that automatically light up when you walk around the streets – energy-saving sensor!


Can I just say that I love Taiwan 7-11? I miss all of these snacks… These are some of our favorites! We went to 7-11 regularly. Every.single.day. Haha!

TaiwanDay1_44 TaiwanDay1_45 TaiwanDay1_46

After that we decided to rest to save some energy for the next day.


Next on Taiwan Series: Exploring Taipei City!

If you have any questions, just comment away! :)




  1. Hello Ms. Jam. Ive been following your post since Vanilla Sky. :) And I have been wanting to ask what DSLR cam you are using. I really love your photos. :)

    • Hi Erika! Thanks for following my blogs and for the compliment! <3 I’m using Canon 60D :) Thanks for dropping by~

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