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I’m someone who’s always eager to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I’m always eager because I’m afraid of being stagnant. But like any other human being, we tend to play it safe and fall into the trap of going with the flow. We have this natural tendency of following what majority of people do or like!

It’s how we work, and it’s how we operate. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does prevent us from identifying the right trends from the wrong ones. So how do we counter that tendency?

Whenever we join any kind of project or participate in any particular trend, we must always ask ourselves two important questions:


It is in these two questions where we’re constantly reminded to be vigilant. In everything we take part in, we have to examine WHO, WHAT, and WHY we’re following something.

I’m writing this because I recently joined this #100happydays project, which basically asks participants to share one thing that makes them happy everyday – for 100 days. I loved the idea!

30 Brave Days

This project basically asked participants to share and post one thing that made them happy everyday – for 100 days. I’m currently on my 35th day and I can’t count the numerous benefits I’m getting out of it. It helps me see the millions of things we can be grateful for and when all is said and done, it also reminds me that we aren’t limited to share just one happy moment each day.

Our capacity to share is unlimited! It’s in these kinds of projects that we see the avenues in which God uses for us to be happy and share that happiness to one another.


I was so inspired in this project that I joined another one! #30bravedays (by wanderrgirl)  follows a similar idea but, as the theme suggests, calls for the so-called brave things we do everyday. Definitely sounds harder than being happy, right? I don’t know if the things that I do will ever amount to being brave, but I’m up for the challenge. (I’ll share more about this soon)

And for those of you reading this, that’s what I want you to do. I want you to be up for the challenge. I want you to get up, refuse to just go with the flow, and be wise in the trends and projects that you join. :)


Oh! By the way, you can check my #100happydays and #30bravedays entries on my instagram account :)

How about you?

What projects have you joined lately? I’d love to hear from you:)

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