10 Reasons Why I Love Photowalks

10 Reasons Why I Love Photowalks

1. A chance to meet awesome people who have the same interest as me!
2. 100% fun!
3. Time to go out of my comfort zone
4. Great opportunity to stretch out and fuel my creativity
5. Discovering new places
6. Chance to see the hidden beauty in the things around me
7. Food trips along the way
8. It’s a great way of exercise too! It’s our “walkathon” :))
9. Updating my portfolio or social sites
10. An experience every photographer/hobbyist/instagrammers shouldn’t miss!

It’s been a long time since I’ve joined a photowalk. I’m itching to shoot again – something other than work at least! This is why I’m extra excited to share and announce that Pat Nabong, Raniel Hernandez (If you don’t know them, better click and check their awesome instagram – A+ photos!!) and I collaborated for a special instameet/photowalk called InstaCause!!


We’ll take the concept of “photowalk” to a whole new level, because this time, we’ll do it for a cause!
This Saturday, March 14 we’ll meet up at UP Diliman. For more info click here.

Event fee: 200/per head
Group of 3 discount: 150/per head
Inclusive of our instakit and drinks from Juice Hut Manila

The proceeds for this event would actually be given to the Joseph Feeding Mission (JFM), an organization that arranges feeding events and livelihood programs for children and their families in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Imagine how far your small amount of money could go.

Do you really want to let go of this chance to experience the beauty of photowalks? I thought so!
Register HERE now! See you there!

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