Where Does Change Begin?

For those in the Philippines, you know that we recently had our election, and the months that led to that were C-R-A-Z-Y!

I read a lot of insights, opinions, and arguments. It was chaos in the internet and everywhere! Reading them all, it struck me in the heart that…


Yes, we need a leader. But we also need to be wary of our leadership to ourselves. Are we making a decision to be a better version of ourselves everyday? We need to do the best we can to help our neighbors pursue the same thing.

This is why raising funds for JFM is very close to my heart.

As the political heat dies down, summer is on its way out too. It’s rainy season again, and that means school season is getting closer and closer. Or, as we Filipinos say it… PASUKAN NANAMAN!

IMG_3991 IMG_4027

Pasukan or school season is a very expensive season. Our parents need to shell out a lot of money for our education and it doesn’t end with tuition fees. We have uniforms, school bus fees, shoes, allowances, and most specially, SCHOOL SUPPLIES!


If CHANGE is to start within us, then JFM has given us an opportunity to make that change happen by helping our neighbors.


JFM’s BACK TO SCHOOL Project is back.

For 250 pesos, you’ll be able to INVEST and sponsor a child’s school bag and school supplies.

Back to school 2016

IMG_3063 IMG_3822

Each school bag comes with 10ntbks, a pencil, sharpener, pad paper, crayons and food.

IMG_3286 IMG_3252


Education is such an important thing and we can’t ignore it. I see it as an investment to this generation’s future, a way of instilling long lasting change within every citizen’s heart.

IMG_3609 Think about the moms and families we’ll be able to help with our donations.




You can never go wrong with giving.

Be the change you long for.

We start by investing.

 Visit josephfeeding.org for more info


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