What’s Up, Feb?

Life is a rollercoaster but it’s definitely worth celebrating! So I’ve decided to share some of my personal life adventures in this new series I like to call “What’s up?” Haha! Anyway, I hope that you’ll be inspired and that my short stories will make you smile! <3

JFM life

Whats up 1

Left to right – Top to bottom
  • First week of Febuary’s feeding site is a small but well structured elementary school in Mandaluyong. The principal thanked our Joseph Feeding Mission team for extending help and feeding their students. She said that their school is generally hard to find and it’s not everyday that people go out of their way just to do good. That day, we were able to make hundreds of kids and faculty members feel the love of God. Why don’t you make your day count and let someone feel God’s love today? :)
  • JFM team spent our valentines day morning at Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Orphanage House. Isn’t nice to show love for people who need them the most? Even the most hurtful people need love too! It’s never too late to spread the love.
  • This lovely girl asked our team if she could get 1 extra milk for her father. Isn’t that the sweetest? (Feeding at Pasay Fire Survivors)
  • One of the cute kids from My Father’s House Orphanage!
  • A very heartwarming moment when some of the kids of My Father’s House Orphanage prayed for our team. =’)

Share Movement & The Outlet

Whats up 2

Left to right – Top to bottom
  • A wonderful morning meeting with Rhiza Oyos of Chasing Dreams / Pursuit Manila at Toby’s Estate. It’s always nice to meet people who share the same passion with you.
  • I had a blast receiving Share Movement contributors’ works! Seriously, they are all awesome! We can’t wait to share everything! If you want to be one of our contributors, what are you waiting for? Know more about it HERE.
  • That’s me and my good friend Josh, delivering our messages for The Outlet (our church’s youth ministry weekend service). This month’s series title: “Lovebites”! I myself learned a lot in this series. I blogged about one of our topics, you can read it here: Single or not, this is for you.
  • First Set Apart Girls bonding for this year! It consisted of pizza, notebooks, raffle gifts, and meaningful conversations~ Isn’t wonderful to have people that you can empower and inspire? Praise God for this! Read about Set Apart Girls HERE.

Something Personal

Whats up 3

  • Special graham cake (my favorite) made just for me by Alain! Thank you so much for going out of your comfort zone to give something special. <3 A for effort! :)
  • Believe it or not, it’s my first time reading a fictional novel. I usually read inspirational books and such, but I’m definitely enjoying this one! :D
  • Josh, Alain, and I watched Makati Hope Christian School’s 30th anniversary musical and it was awesommeee! There were so many cute kids who performed, topped off by a really entertaining musical play with a really touching Christian story. <3


So how’s your February?

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