What’s Up, Sept?

My September is a big proof that truly, God answers our prayers, no matter how long, short, old or whatever! He listen, He plan everything for His perfect timing. :) Join me as I look back on how God answered my/our prayers.



I’d like to start this something amazing? AHHHH!! We’re are so overjoyed, thrilled, encouraged, amazed and so much more with God answering our prayers for JFM! Many years ago, we were just dreaming about having our own warehouse and now… AHHHH!! IT’S FINALLY HERE!

Whats-up-Sept 1Joseph Feeding Mission’s first warehouse! God is really amazing because that same day that we opened the warehouse, truckload of 1liter juices was delivered and that same weekend, the team went to 10 of our feeding sites to deliver these boxes for people to enjoy! OH GOD! YOU AMAZE US SOOO MUCH! God’s hands are moving! Claim that we’ll be like Joseph the dreamer of our generation! God will use us to be a vessel of blessing for many people.Whats-up-Sept 2 Anyway, this month, our team went to Mayamot Elementary School twice to share inspiring bible stories to the kids and feed them our special porridge!


Whats-up-Sept 3

After our successful Workshop Party, we had a special craft collaboration with Craft Party PH! I learned to make my own stamps and met a lot of generous people that made this workshop a great one! Special thanks to my collab. partners, Nica and Mia, to everyone who took part of this workshop. (Kinskie, Jane, Sam, Share Movement team volunteers, Constance StylingJuice Hut ManilaThe WorkroomOne For The RoadBun AppetitSouthern Folk PHIstoryaFiledPaper Straw LovePastry ArmoireTROMSNiqua, Rhiza Oyos of Chasing Dreams, and Rebecca Lee of The Passion Project.)

You guys are the answer to my prayers. :’)

Whats-up-Sept 4 I blogged about it over at Share Movement’s website. Click here to read more about this creative workshop!


Whats-up-Sept 5This month is extra special because we celebrated our dear mom and dad’s birthday. I’m more than grateful for them both! I wouldn’t be where I am now without them! =)
Whats-up-Sept 6I ended this month with a special dinner with special people. My family, Josh’s family and Alain’s family. It was such a blessed day. It got me shedding tears of thankfulness in my quiet time the day after. :’) I’m just sooooo amazed at how God planned our lives. He is the greatest life planner. My heart is forever grateful for Him. What would I do without Him?

 I hope you had a great September! Remember that specific prayers change things! Trust me, God really hears you, so pray as much as you can! :D

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