What’s Up, October?

Hey guys! Another monthly update. Join me as I look back. Let’s go!!


Whats-up-Oct 1 Typhoon Lando feeding outreach. Our team went to Bulacan early Saturday morning to extend hope inspite of all their hardships.Whats-up-Oct 2 Feeding in Isla Noah, Damayan Lagi. I was shocked to see this place because it is located behind the beautiful houses of New Manila. I can only imagine how hard it is to live here, esp. on rainy days. We were privileged to make everyone smile and make their day a little more brighter as we gave away food, juices and rice grains.

We visited another location in Damayan Lagi with the team.

I’m thankful to have these opportunities to extend help every week. If you want to be a part of this,
visit: josephfeeding.org


Whats-up-Oct 7 While the world celebrates halloween, it’s our church’s tradition to pack candies, give them away, and share God’s love in the process!

We go around areas that don’t usually experience things like this. We did it together with our youth ministry and Sunday school members. It was such an inspiring day of breakthroughs, love, and hope.
Whats-up-Oct 8 Josh also celebrated his birthday, plus of course our favorite part of Saturday, The Outlet Youth Service.


Whats-up-Oct 5 This is not actually a Share Movement event, but I met Bunnie of NiQUA and Mia of Juice Hut Manila through Share Movement. It was such a blessing to shoot this event and experience DIYing your own clutch bag!

I finally saw Ginger of Mommy Ginger and Manila Workshops after almost 4 years! It was nice seeing her again. Hopefully we can collaborate again soon (so many ideas so little time, right Ginger? haha!) I also met a lot of new and awesome people. I’ll blog more about this soon! :)



Whats-up-Oct 4

Okay, I’ll start with this NiQUA bag that I got. Yay for my new laptop bag. I love it! Thanks Bunnie! Blogged about it here.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying reading contemporary books. I made my own hashtag on Instagram (#BooksAndJam). Do you have any other book recommendations?

Whats-up-Oct 3 I’m honored to witness my cousin, Zerge and Jin’s wedding. It was such a lovely wedding. Peg love story! It reminds me of … my own. (I’ll share about this soon… maybe. haha!) MOVING ON…Whats-up-Oct 6 I also went to Century City Mall with my ate. I wish I lived near Makati. There are so many things to explore there! :D

That’s it! How was your October?

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