What’s Up, May?

May is one of my favorite months because it’s my birth month! So let me start with a personal update:


Something Personal

A little unplanned gathering with my family. My mom’s siblings love to randomly go to our house, bring food, and just hangout and catch up. They usually go around lunch time up until midnight! Relaxing times with the family…a very healthy blessing!

2 I celebrated my birthday with my church family. They surprised me with a video greeting. Check out this cute envelope that looks like a camera! It was full of love letters that made me cryyyy!

I also wanted to try something new on my birthday so Alain, my nephew Justin, and Josh tried bowling! It was a fun day doing our usual food tripping and moviegoing. The surprises didn’t end there as Alain and his lovely family gifted me gifts and cakes!


But the greatest surprise of all? This video:

Alain Singing Click to watch the video


*hands up! I was speechless! It was the sweetest and cutest~ Thanks again, Alain! He posted it on his Facebook page. I’m pretty sure everyone was surprised too! Haha!

TROMS / Youth Ministry


Another blessing for me is shooting our short film! During this time I was able to upgrade my laptop and spend time with the best cast and crew!


God never failed to remind me that when I obey and trust Him, He’ll bless me and He’ll bless what I do. He’ll let me follow my passion and serve Him at the same time! It was such a great experience. =‘)

I shall blog about this again soon!




We went to RFM Corporation’s warehouse to pick up more blessings! Truckloads of milk were donated to Joseph Feeding Mission! I am constantly amazed to see how God moves and provides for JFM, and for all people in need.

The kids loved it! It’s not everyday they get to drink fresh cold milk! It was a refreshing treat for everyone. It was a refreshing blessing from God.


Apart from the milk, JFM also had a special Back To School Project!!! We went to Payatas, Baseco, and Aroma Tondo to give away bags and school supplies for the kids! What’s great about this the fact that Share Movement was a great part of this project *cries

I never thought that God would enable me to do something like this! We were able to sponsor 60 kids! I blogged about our experience HERE, please check it out :)

For everyone who still wants to help, please visit josephfeeding.org to know how. Every hand is a difference maker. Every help counts!!!


Overall, it was a blessed month for me. It was more that what I asked for and I can’t thank God enough for everything!~ I hope you had a great May too!


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