What’s Up, June?

August is coming so here’s my June entry! Haha! I love writing my monthly highlights; it reminds me of the things worth celebrating, the things I’ve accomplished, the people around me, and God’s goodness. With that said, check out what I’m thankful for in the month of June!


Whats-up-June 1

  • Another feeding in Palatiw Elementary School. We went there years ago (as far as I can remember). School kids never fail to make me smile; especially this batch! They are all so lively and smiling. Reminds me of my old dream of becoming a preschool teacher! Haha!
  • Our last stop for JFM’s Back To School Project was in Payatas! I had so much gladness in my heart to see the kids’ excitement!

If you want to know more about Joseph Feeding Mission, visit: josephfeeding.org

TROMS Family
Whats-up-June 4

A church renovation perfect for our church anniversary! Too many photos…I don’t know what to post! Haha! I’m just glad and proud to be part of the TROMS Family. =‘)

The Outlet

Whats-up-June 2

  • Ralph’s not-so-surprise birthday celebration! Haha!
  • Our last shoot for The Solution Short Film. AHHH! I miss everyone already!
  • We had a fun game night for our The Outlet service, which served as a review for our past series.


Whats-up-June 3

  • A lovely dinner at Cafe Ysabel. :)
  • 2 of the most important women in my life: mom and my ate. <3

How was your month so far?

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