What’s Up, July?

Another eventful month for me! So many things to be thankful for. :)


 The Outlet

Whats-up-July 1I’ve been posting photos of our shoot for our church anniversary. We’re so happy to celebrate it with the whole cast and crew of The Solution short film! Best team ever!!

JFM Life

Whats-up-June 4Feeding outreach again in Galmi Christian Academy, Buntong Palay, Antipolo. It’s always a pleasure serving with a fun group of volunteers! And oh! Look at one of my favorite lolas there. If she can smile, so can you! :D (josephfeeding.org)


Whats-up-July 2 Top to bottom – Left to right
  • I recently discovered how easy it is to “digitize” your hand lettering/paint! LOL I can’t wait to try it some more for my blog and Share Movement!

Oh and by the way, one of the activities for our Workshop Party this coming Aug. 29 is basic watercolor! Woohoo! More details HERE.

  • Devo and quiet time while enjoying this coffee treat! (Finally! Coffee! After two weeks of sickness and a coffee-less life lol) Special thanks to Alain for the box of coffee~
  • THE BEST ICED COFFEE EVER! (naks!) I made a coffee corner inside my room and I blogged about it HERE.
  • Back to work after being sick for two weeks!

Whats-up-July 3Working while Alain played beside me. lol After that, Alain randomly offered treat me to his favorite Greek resto, Cyma before he left for a short vacation in Taiwan. :)

Whats-up-July 5 Movie and dinner at Kettle with Justin and Alain. (We miss you, Josh!)


How was your month?


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