What’s Up, Feb? (2016)

Feb-ibig passed by so fast so I’ll make this introduction fast. :D Join me as I look back at my February highlights.



Isn’t it nice to see kids laugh? I have to be honest, sometimes going to feeding sites can be tiring. It’s hot, too early, and crowded. But whenever I see kids all happy and kids who tell me how stuffed they get… it makes it all worth it.

Also, I’m proud of my nephew, Justin (the guy wearing yellow – right side) for leading the kids with the help of his childhood bestfriend, Ralph and Joseph. From sunday schoolers to sunday school teachers. Good job guys! (For more info: http://josephfeeding.org/)


SDR Meeting and SDR Event! Every year we have this special event for graduating highschool students. We share about things the school doesn’t usually talk about – Sex, Dating, Relating. We want to raise awareness esp. for these young people. It’s important for them to be aware of things like this! ;)

Whats-up-Feb5(Left to right , Top to Bottom)
Meet one of my favorite chefs; we call him daddy Noy. We celebrated his birthday. :D

School of Leaders grad rehearsal led by my good friend, Josh.

You might not know this, but Alain, my nephew Justin, Josh, and I host host our church’s radio program every Sunday night. :D Listen to us at DWIZ 882 Khz every Sunday, 9-930PM!

Another great celebration this month is BAPTISM!! So happy to see another batch of believers taking the next level in their spiritual life. This festive atmosphere is such a delightful thing to witness. <3



Hah! As we all know, Feb = Valentine’s day! And surprise, surprise… Alain surprised me with flowers, cupcakes, hand written letter, balloons with photos with flower petals pa! Naks! :)) Haha

Oh! As always, my favorite girls and I had an awesome Saturday meet up for some quality and meaningful conversations. :)

Whats-up-Feb6   After a few days Paulo and I had quality burger time after my Katipunan Share Movement errands. He also finally found the Stephen Curry rubber shoes he’s been looking for. Whew~ It was a great month for us. :)


My friends from Craft Party PH held a fun Crafternoon at Kendo Creative. I have to admit, I’m not crafty! Nevertheless, I enjoyed their company! :) Spot Summer (Nica Cosio’s daughter) made a special card for me. How cuuuute!! <3


Another breakthrough for Shop and Share! I spent one morning in Equatorial Coffee (blogged about it here) then delivered our first batch of stickers at Common Room! Yay! We finally joined Common Room’s family and we’re so glad that in less than 2 weeks, stocks were almost sold out and I had to restock again!

Thank you everyone for supporting our cause! If you want to see our sticker designs and order, CLICK THIS LINK. Follow Shop and Share’s Instagram and Facebook for more updates. :)


How’s your FEB-IBIG? :D

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