What’s Up, December?

Every highlight of our life is worth celebrating (even if I sound like I’m just justifying my late December entry. Haha!)

Reminisce with me!

JFMWhats-up-Dec 1

JFM’s December is always a jubilant time. Aside from the Christmas festivities, we celebrate JFM’s anniversary every December.

This year, we went on a “Feeding Marathon”! Everyday, we went to different places like CIW, Valenzuela and Cubao, Antipolo, Tondo, Baseco, Home for the Aged, Nayon ng Kabataan and so much more.

Whats-up-Dec 2It was a tiring yet meaningful start of December for us. PS: I can’t wait to go back to Home For The Aged. *cries

Whats-up-Dec 3

Christmas parties was a little different this year. Different but BETTER! We had a 3-days stay at Oakwood Hotel to chill, rest, eat, and just enjoy each other. I’m soooooooo thankful to have my extended family. <3

Whats-up-Dec 4


Whats-up-Dec 5  Speaking of family, Christmas is not complete without our family reunion! Whats-up-Dec 6 Alain and I went on an early Christmas dinner before he left for Taipei. It was such a lovely night. :’)

Whats-up-Dec 7 (Left to Right) 
  • Mia of Juice Hut Manila sent her Holiday goodies and it was gooooood!
  • Another highlight of my year? YEHEHESSS! I finally bought my Fujifilm X-A2!! After months of saving up, I finally got it! No need to bring my bulky DSLR on personal gatherings! Yey! (I don’t want to over use my Canon) So far I love the results (and people around me agrees). Check out some of my shots : #JamWithFuji (HAH! Yes, I’m naming it Fuji. So lame but … yeahhh) Anyway, I’m thinking of writing a blog review about this. Hmm let’s see!
  • And of course, the last book of the year~ Thanks to Alain. ;) I’m so glad that 2015 unleashed the bookworm in me. Haha!

2015 was a great year, and my What’s Up series helped me recognize how loving and great God is all through out this year. =‘) Glory to God!~

2016, let’s get it on!!

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