What’s Up, August?

August was another eventful month for me. So why don’t you join me as I look back on this special month!


Whats-up-Aug 1 JFM team geared up with some of The Solution cast and crew for a special feeding mission in Aroma and Baseco, Tondo! We packed special ham tasty bread, canned goods, rice (bigas), water and apple for the kids! Our mommy cooks also prepared a special chowfan rice topped with chicken longganisa that actually tastes/tasted like chorizo! YUM!!
Whats-up-Aug 2 We also had a feeding with a company called “Personal Collections” where they celebrated their anniversary party with the kids of Payatas in partnership with JFM! Isn’t nice to witness how people can be selfless for the benefit of people in need?

 Next stop was in Antipolo where we “hiked” our way up to the main spot to feed the kids. It was such a treat for us because the view was overwhelmingly beautiful! Plus the fact that the kids there were really cute and nice. They sang worship songs with us and it was a blessed day for the whole team. :)


Whats-up-Aug 4 Woohooo! I still can’t believe that my baby, Share Movement’s turned two already! My Share Movement journey has been a rollercoaster experience for me. Read more about why I love doing what I do with Share Movement, and why you might want to join too! We celebrate with Workshop Party, which I blogged about HERE.

Whats-up-Aug 3


It’s that time of the month again to refresh my favorite girls! We talked about how to be a “Noble Girl” and discussed Proverbs 31:10-31. We made a practical check list of what we want to improve on to be better versions of ourselves! Yay for conversations like these!~

Whats-up-Aug 12


Whats-up-Aug 11  August will always be a rollercoaster month for me and my family. Last year we lost a dear family member of ours, my sister-in-law whom I treasured as my REAL SISTER. This year, we decided to celebrate her life with our church family. Tears and laughters were shed but what’s great was the lesson she, my brother and my nephew, Justin imparted – to make our life count and touch everyone’s lives for as long as we live, the way Mama Sha is when she was still with us. =’) …. ok I’ll stop there because I’m about to cry again while typing this! MOVING ON….

Whats-up-Aug 9  Of course, my Share Movement duties will always be partnered with a great cup of coffee! I discovered another coffee shop in Katipunan.

  I also received a package of goodies and a very touching letter from one of our sponsors, who turned to be a great friend of mine, Geli of Pluma PH. *teary

Whats-up-Aug 5  I had a shoot with The Ateneo Assembly and Alain toured me around their campus! I miss college! It made me feel young again. HAH! :P Whats-up-Aug 6Whats-up-Aug 8  Cheers to more food trips with Alain! Haha! Yes, we love to eat. A lot.Whats-up-Aug 10  After a long time of shooting for JFM and going to a lot of muddy feeding locations, it was my first time to wear boots (bota)! HAHA! I felt sooo free to move and shoot around. lol

I made this little happy project of mine, my very own – coffee corner! hah! I blogged about it HERE.

Katipunan trip = visiting this eye candy store called, The Common Room! It’s nice to see some of Share Movement’s previous speakers’ (Hi Geli Balcruz, Ella Lama, Abbey Sy, Alexis Ventura!) products here! You guys should visit this cute store!  :)

Whats-up-Aug 7

–  I had a shoot with my cousin, Aira for Zalora and yay! Our photos were published! Check it out HERE.

–  Lastly, we celebrated my aunt’s birthday. It was tremendously cute because she surprised the whole family instead of the other way around! We love your new condo, tita! Pretty like you! Hehe Yay for family time! :)

There you have it! My crazy August! I should probably start writing my September entry now. Haha! Thank God for this month and for the months to come! How was your August?

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