What’s Up, April?

Hurray for another great month!

 Share Movement

Whats up April 4This month, I had an awesome collaboration with the creatives letterer and calligrapher, Ella Lama and Geli Balcruz! Our Lettering and Calligraphy 101 workshop sold like pancakes! It was so much fun to learn two new set of skills in one day! I was hooked with calligraphy because of this. Haha! (Thanks Geli!!!) READ MORE HERE

Another highlight of that day came from my contributors! I finally found the courage to find my own team for Share Movement! Right now Share Movement has more than 70+ contributors (and still counting!) For this workshop, I assigned 4 contributors to help me out and they are simply the best. My heart is grateful! If you want to know how you can be a part of this movement, click here.


Whats up April 1

These are just some of our feeding sites: Bahay Aruga Pasig Social Welfare. That’s my nephew leading the prayer before our feeding proper. I’m happy to see him take part in Joseph Feeding Mission – together with his other youth friends Ralph and Jelay. Inspiring teenagers unite!

Taguig evacuation center. For every smile I capture, I realize what makes it all worth it. Waking up extra early every weekend is a challenge, but to be a channel of God’s blessing and love it’s a small price to pay. I have the best job!

Know more about Joseph Feeding Mission here.


Whats up April 2Ohh I’m so proud of this batch of Sunday School teachers! One trivia: These teachers grew up in Sunday School themselves. Now, they’re handling our Sunday School kids. They grow so fast! This month, I witnessed and captured the special recognition and field trip day they organized. Congratulations guys! :)

Whats up April 3

Another milestone that I’m proud of is our youth “babies” offering their lives to God through baptism! I feel like their mom watching them graduate or something! Haha =’)

April is love month too! Our dear ate Marie and Bro. Alben are officially together! Plus we had a triple birthday celebration for ate Marie, Jelay, and Joseph

Something Personal

Whats up April 5

I finally found the cheesecake I’ve been craving and looking for…… ahhhhhhhh so yummy!
Productive evening with ate Janice.
Sunday lunch with the Pinsotes family.
Crepe break during our Share Movement errands. And caught Alain taking photos! AHA!
Product of our Lettering and Calligraphy 101 workshop…. I’m officially hooked with Calligraphy! It’s so challenging and relaxing at the same time!

Whats up April 6

 Brainstorming for our church anniversary video presentation! I see an exciting, challenging, and sleepless month ahead! Haha!
Movie date with the boys! Family is love
Another productive afternoon with ate Janice while waiting for our dogs’ grooming session. Whew!

How about you? How was your April?

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