Taiwan Series: Must-Try Food In Taipei

One thing I love about Taiwan is the food that is great and cheap. You can go to 7 Eleven and you’ll see hundreds of options. Not to mention their countless night markets.DSCF1106 I have a lot of friends asking me for suggestions, so I decided to blog our top Taipei food faves. Listed here are some of the food we love and the restaurants we kept visiting in our stay there. Let’s start with night market!

Oyster Omelet & Minced Pork rice 滷肉飯

DSCF10871 1491686_10204252394044927_616499678158887556_n1 DSCF10901 

Taiwanese Sausage

They have a lot of variations. You can also buy this at Costco, Carrefour, and any grocery. We brought them home for pasalubong


Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle

Their version of misua. This is perfect to eat at night and during winter. Paulo loves this one!

IMG_33241 15895193_241624109595171_6167318476788436559_n1 

Stinky Tofu

Another one of Paulo’s favorites. I hate this one…but I put it here because it’s a must-try for experience. You never know, you might like it! Hehe

IMG_33391 10610478_10203786141828913_7850929772955795850_n1 10906579_10204252381204606_4507005885294859544_n1 

Gua Bao 掛包

Gua Bao is a steamed bao and pork belly snack. Oh my! I’m already craving just by looking at it. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT.


Jiou-Wu Beef Noodle

This place is heaven sent! Fill your tummy with this delicious beef noodle meal. They’re the best beef noodles I ever had in my life! According to my research, they have a lot of branches around Taipei. ;)

10922683_10204291778509514_1632286747216011569_n1DSCF11871 DSCF11861 DSCF11901 DSCF11911 


If you’re craving for some pizza and pasta, try Saizeriya. It is located at Ximending. According to Paulo, this restaurant is popular with students who hang out in the area because it’s cheap yet generous in serving. The line was long when we got there, but it was worth the wait.

DSCF16251 DSCF16261 DSCF16281 DSCF16291 DSCF16301 DSCF16331

Citystar 24hr HK Style Restaurant

Traveling and touring can be really tiring. We often finish touring around 11pm-12 midnight. Citystar 24hr HK Style Restaurant is our favorite place to end the day. This is the place where we usually eat till we can’t breathe. Hahaha! Major pig-out! Try their duck, sausage, garlic shrimp and other 小吃 (xiao chi) or “small eats”. Forgive me for not taking notes of specific names of the food, but I suggest that you print screen these photos for reference because they’re all SUPERB. Tried (more than once) and TASTED. Haha!

10857796_10203947549504004_8469446342981478101_n1 DSCF18201 IMG_61831 DSCF18121 DSCF18181




DSCF17911 DSCF17931 DSCF17951 DSCF18061

Uncle Tetsu

When it comes to cakes, Uncle Tetsu is the way to go! Though you have to line up to buy, it’s always worth the wait. Take note that each person can only buy 2 cheesecakes, so if you’re planning to buy more than 2 ask someone to line up with you! ;) (Taipei Main Station Branch)

1622146_10204333251626316_17558779482700681_n1 10384698_10204333250306283_569354905229051916_n1 10929556_10204333250106278_857271647330500698_n1 


Sunmerry is also Paulo’s family’s favorite pastry shop. They have a lot good looking and great tasting bread to choose from.




Let’s go to DESSERTS! We have 3 favorite desserts in Taiwan.

1. Ice Monster’s Fruit Shaved Ice Desserts

TRY EVERYTHING!! That condensed on top is like a cherry on top of your ice cream. Haha! We loved this so much that we got lost looking for a nearby branch in the middle of the night just to eat this Taiwanese delight. (No. 297, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106)

DSCF16361 DSCF16411 DSCF16421DSCF16391 

2. Smoothie House’s Super Mango Snowflake Ice with Panna Cota

Need I say more? Just look at it and……… *cravinggggg…OK let’s move on. (Locations)

DSCF18561 DSCF18571 

3.Hokkaido Ice Cream

Locally here in the Philippines, there are selected stores that sell ice creams with similar tastes but it’s waaay wayyy cheaper in Taiwan with bigger servings. (PH Price is around PHP 100-150 for a very small serving. This is around 30NT which is around PHP 40-50.) You can get this at most selected 7 Eleven branches!



And of course, this list has to include Milk Tea. We’re in the land of milk tea sooo you just can’t leave Taiwan without trying their original creations!

Chen San Ding Bubble Milk

We specifically LOVEEEEE Chen San Ding Bubble Milk. Prepare yourself to line up for a few minutes but you won’t regret it. I PROMISE. Their milk and pearls are heavenly.


IMG_63211 copy 
Do yourself a favor, dedicate a specific time to visit, and treat yourself with this milk tea. Your milk tea life will never be the same again. Haha!


There you have it! I hope that I get to help make your pig-out session in Taipei extra yummy and delightful. PS: Don’t worry, you’ll burn all the calories from all the touring and walking. ;)

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