Taiwan Series: Day 2

On our second day in Taiwan, we decided to explore the city! Are you guys ready? Read on!

View from Alain’s place. <3


Our first stop was breakfast, of course! We got to try Cama Cafe somewhere in GuangZhou St. (I blogged about it HERE)

IMG_3816JP IMG_3833JP


On the way to Taipei 101, we decided to stop by Warner Village.


IMG_3900 IMG_6955 IMG_6987

We tried Ireland Potato – it was awesomeeeee….just talking about it makes me crave for it again so…moving on..IMG_3962

IMG_3970 IMG_3972

The lovely family who made all of this possible. <3


I wanted to try those black burgers, but we decided to eat in Taipei 101 instead.


Taiwan is also known for beautiful biking lanes! Bikes are everywhere! You can rent these bikes using your MRT card and ride your way around the city. Something that I wish we could do in manila. (renting a bike)


Humans of Taipei. :P

IMG_3866 IMG_3870

Photo op with THE ONE AND ONLY Taipei 101!



Taiwan Day 2 


Finally! We’re here!!

IMG_4117 IMG_3996

IMG_4015 IMG_4005 IMG_4003

Everytime I go out of the country, I make it a mission to try out another country’s version of McDonalds. Sadly this time, I failed :( Eating Taiwanese food was enough to make me forget about McDonalds for a full week. (Side note: when I arrived back in Manila though, the first thing I did? Mcdo delivery! Haha! #GuiltyPleasure)


Inside Taipei 101. Impressive structure huh?

IMG_4076 IMG_4071 IMG_4096

I don’t even want to go inside Louis Vuitton they might think I’m a robber or a lost teenager, so photo op outside nalang. But what a beautiful entrance, am I right?

IMG_4080 IMG_4087

Mama Gem matches/terno Bvlgari.


This is our lunch~ the food in Taipei is cheap and superb. *thumbsup (I don’t know why I ate katsu tho LOL)

IMG_4054 IMG_4035 IMG_4060

Taipei 101 food court.

IMG_4062 IMG_4022 IMG_4066


Photo “bummer” !

IMG_4112We wanted to go to the Taipei bike lane but it was closed, so we decided to head to Ikea! My happy and torture place!

IMG_4131How can you not be tortured by these awesome furnitures calling out your name? Ikea has a lot of pretty cheap and nice stuff – too bad I can’t bring them home!

IMG_4140 IMG_4144 IMG_4151 IMG_4168 IMG_4200 IMG_4193






I want this chair….

IMG_4164Somewhere along the way… I missed my dog, Frostee.

IMG_4195We were still full from our lunch and we had no time to eat, so we bought Ikea ice cream for dessert. Next time, I’ll definitely try their meatballs! I heard it’s delicious.

IMG_4206 IMG_4209Next stop is …. MILK TEA! On the way to Alain’s favorite milk tea place, I saw this creatively painted building.




We tried Chen San Ding – this is Alain’s favorite milk tea and after tasting it… now I know why…

IMG_4232I LOVED the pearls. They are the best! So soft and freshly cooked. *cries… I want another one right now!!

IMG_4238 IMG_4244

I devoured every bit of it on the way to Daan Park.

It was cold and locals were exercising. Isn’t it awesome to exercise in a cold place? (Random thought) Daan park is pretty big. You could do a lot of random stuff around there.



I feel like, anywhere you go, you can see Taipei 101! That’s how tall it is – so expect a lot of different photos of it in this series.

IMG_4287After Daan Park, Josh, Alain, and I decided to go on our own and head over to another popular night market, Xi-men ding. We got a little lost around the MRT station so what was the best way to deal with it? Fool around.

IMG_4342HAHA Just kidding – pray and analyze the map! :P


Good thing the MRT over there is easy to understand. Also riding it was a breeze! We got to Xi-mending safely. Whew~


A lot of leather bags around Taipei’s night markets – I should’ve bought one. Pfft.

IMG_4380 Cute jelly thingies.


Hot star again! XD


Live performance!


I love this one! It’s like tikoy with condensed milk! And this grilled meat too!

IMG_4441 IMG_4445

Random things you can see around.





Another must-try is Ay Chung Flour-Rice Noodle or we know it as misua.


There’s a long queue but it was okay because the staff was BLAZING fast. Taiwanese people are always in a rush. HAHA JK. Perfect for the cold weather! People just stand outside and eat.IMG_4468The facility is a little messy but… the staff serving it looks fresh. LOLWUT.

IMG_4461After that, we met up with the rest of the group to eat dinner in City Star 24hr HK Style restaurant.

IMG_4523 IMG_4521

Now.. this… is… my favorite! Oh boy, I ate a lot, I forgot to take a picture of everything! HAHA!

IMG_4513 IMG_4518

We tried duck, sausage, kiwi juice, shrimp, and a lot of stuff that I don’t recognize. lol (forgive me) Know more about it HERE. It’s a must try!


It was a great way to end our tiring second day!

Next on the blog is exploring some tourist spots!



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