Taiwan Series: Cama Cafe

One of the must have breakfasts is coffee. So on our second day in Taipei, we began our day by looking for the nearest coffee shop!

Cama Cafe (1)

But before that, we bought bread at their local bakeshop in YanPing S. Rd.

Cama Cafe (2)

Cama Cafe (6) 
Cama Cafe (5) 
Cama Cafe (4)

Cama Cafe (7)Cama Cafe (3)

After buying our bread we headed to Cama Cafe. I noticed that Cama Cafe had a lot of branches in Taipei! Here’s the list of their branches.

Cama Cafe (15)

You can buy fresh beans and other coffee paraphernalia. They grind their coffee right in front of you.

Cama Cafe (13)Cama Cafe (8)Cama Cafe (18)Cama Cafe’s branches are small, but I like the nice wood feel – not to mention, their coffee is cheaper!

Cama Cafe (11) Cama Cafe (17)Cama Cafe (12)I ordered my favorite caramel macchiatto and, boy, it didn’t disappoint!

Cama Cafe (14)

Cama Cafe (10)
Cama Cafe (16)And some branches deliver! Oh how I wish we have coffee deliveries here too. (If we have something like that here in Manila, please enlighten me)

Finally, say hi to my breakfast date! ;P

Cama Cafe (22)
Oh, and by the way! Taiwan’s 7-11’s caramel machiattos (City Cafe) aren’t half bad either! I’d get some whenever I couldn’t find any cafes around. How convenient can it get?!

Cama Cafe (21)

 Cama Cafe

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