Make It Blissful

“Make It Blissful”

I heard this phrase many times before, but it didn’t strike meaning until I met Martine De Luna of…well…!

It’s true when they say that we’re responsible for our own happiness and that no one can take our happiness from us without our permission.

Make It Blissful

Things can never be perfect but this phrase somehow made a big impact on me. Everytime I’m on the verge of complaining about what I don’t have or a certain circumstance in my life that I don’t like – this phrase reminds me to be content and do everything I can to enjoy my life. It reminds me to make each day blissful.

With that said, I want to share a little project that makes my days extra blissful.

I was first introduced to coffee back in high school. I used to make my favorite 3in1 or frappe as a dessert. Through the years, my taste for coffee developed, especially when special coffees from third wave coffee shops suddenly became a hit and mainstream.

Coffee ShopsI admit – I was hooked. My love for interiors mixed with my love for coffee got me more interested. I dreamt about having my own coffee shop, or a coffee shop inside Share Movement’s studio, or my own office that looks like a coffee shop! Haha! How passionate right? :P

My dream seems impossible (for now) but, I choose to MAKE IT BLISSFUL! So … I present to you… my own “coffee shop” hahaha!

I made a coffee corner inside my room! Haha!


I’m currently searching for pegs and slowly saving for all the things I need to fully complete this set up.

Coffee Corner Pegs I’m dreaming to get my hands on this beautiful espresso maker, but for now, this budget coffee maker will do.

Espresso Maker Breville’s The Barista Express | Delonghi ECO 310 Icona (White or Cream)

It’s not the best set up (I can’t froth my milk, I don’t have my own grinder, I don’t have all the ingredients and equipment to make that perfect cup of coffee), but I’m sharing this because it makes me happy and productive. It makes my day blissful. :)

 I encourage all of you to find something you love, no matter how simple they are, and let it make your day blissful. Go for it and pursue, whatever it is!

You deserve it.


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