Journey To Freedom

Raise your hand if one of your guilty pleasures is discovering new artists on Spotify! *Raises my hands Haha!
One afternoon, I discovered an awesome album by one of my childhood favorite singers!

AHHHH Michelle Williams! Destiny’s Child represent! Haha!

Anyway, I was surprised when I found out that she actually had a Christian album entitled “Journey To Freedom“.

Michelle Williams Cover 2
Now before you continue reading this, do me a favor, play one of her songs and enjoy. ;)

When I first heard “Say Yes” I literally freaked out (in a good way, of course).I was so happy that they (together with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland) made a christian song under the genre that I enjoy!

“I had to get out of that comfort zone of feeling like what gospel music is supposed to sound like. …
I didn’t know there was a sound to gospel. I thought it was more about the message.
I don’t think God cares if it’s an angel playing with a harp or if a rapper is talking about the good news and inspiring.”

– Michelle Williams (LA Times Interview)

I thank God that the people of our generation are using their talents to glorify God. Who said that Gospel music is boring?  Gospel music is a gift from God. I will be posting a series of gospel music pieces from different genres that I’m pretty sure everyone would enjoy as much as I do! :)

What are your favorite gospel songs? Who are some of your favorite gospel artists?

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