Him and Us

Last August 1, 2016 Paulo surprised me and officially asked me to be his girlfriend. (We’ll publish the video soon!)

Him and Us

Many don’t know that we’ve been exclusively dating for around four years already. We took the loooong courtship stage and waited for God’s perfect timing to make it official.

Jam and Paulo

These four years of courtship included getting to know each other, enjoying our friendship, pursuing excellence in our studies and in work, serving in church, earning our parents’ trust and God’s confidence, and sooo much growing and growing.

Alain Grad


Jam Interview 

Paulo gave me a card. He wrote this on his own. He said that he even bought a special pen in Common Room for this. Haha! So cute! I can only imagine the effort he put into this! PS: He’s not artistic so he did admit that he got this from a template somewhere. But still!!!


But what amazed me and left me literally speechless was when I saw the back part…

Processed with VSCO with q1 preset (Hello to my Common Room family! Cute envelop pillow by Pop Junk Love)

The back was filled with signatures of my family, his parents, and our church family, signifying their approval with our relationship! He knew, just as much as I did, how important it was to have everyone’s approval before asking me. He had to talk to every single one of them! *happytears


What he did sort of borders a marriage proposal. Why expend so much effort to be someone’s girlfriend? Here’s what Pau said, “To raise the standard of Christian relationships. I want to set the bar.” Oh how we all agree! (We’ll write more about this soon!)



We believe that this relationship is not just ours to enjoy and to learn from. At the center of it all is the One who made this relationship possible. He gave and thus, we give back to Him and His loves (i.e. YOU!).

This relationship is not just about us. It never was.
It’s about Him and all of us.


We want our story to be one that anyone can learn from, one which is a source of hope, joy, inspiration, faith, KILIG and so much more! We have a lot of stories to share and we’re dying to share them. ☺️


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