Fujifilm XA2 : A Quick Review

I can still remember the day I enrolled in the photography course in CSB. I was unsure of what I really wanted to do with my life back then. But slowly, as I explored the beauty of capturing things in different formats (film / pinhole / digital etc), I learned to love this special craft.



Through the years, producing beautiful, sharp, and meaningful photos became my newfound goal.

My first DSLR camera was an entry level Canon 400D with a 18-55 basic kit lens. It gave me a great first 5-6 years of photography.



It was around year 2012 when I upgraded my camera to Canon 60D (with 50mm 1.4 and 10-17mm lenses).


I had shoots every week, sometimes I even shot at personal gatherings and family affairs. If you have a photographer friend or you’re a photographer, you know using a DSLR can get really tiring.



That’s why I decided to buy another compact camera last year. The buzz about Fujifilm XA2 got me searching reviews about it for months! (Yes, I don’t just buy random cameras just because I like them. I search them thoroughly, whether or not they’re really worth every penny.)


I joined the mirrorless revolution and this “blogger camera” did not disappoint. I read a lot of blog posts and watched many reviews about this camera. Now, I’d like to share the top non-technical-things that I love about this camera. Let’s get to it!

Image Quality.

I’m very particular with this one. What’s the use of getting a camera if the image quality isn’t that great? I love that this camera produces a REAAALLY good image quality. It’s sharp and the contrast is really great! #nofilter #noedit :D



Wifi Connectivity

Millennials 101. I love the fact that I can transfer photos in less than a minute from my camera to my phone thru wifi connectivity! (Yes, no data charges – it’s like bluetooth!) All you have to do is download the Fujifilm Camera App! ;)






I love the design. It looks like an old film camera. It’s just so pretty. <3 <3 <3 You can even get it in brown, pink, orange etc!




My cousins love this feature! When you take selfies, Fujifilm automatically softens your skin and makes your face almost flawless! Perfect selfie shot – CHECK! :D



Flip Screen

Of course, we all want to see our face everytime we take photos. As a photographer, one of my main problems is being unable to see myself when I’m taking selfies for instance. It ends up being blurry. But thank God for flip screen, I can easily flip it and take selfies/groupies! <3  It’s perfect if you’re shooting in bird’s eye view or worms-eye view. :) ;)



Creative Filters

I’m a sucker for double exposure. I love that you can easily shoot like that in XA2.



Of course to be fair, here’s a list of some of the things I don’t like about it. I hope it helps!

Video Quality

I’m very particular with videos because I shoot and edit videos too. Video quality in daylight is acceptable but the low light quality isn’t that great. I’m a manual shooter, so I also hate that I can’t control the video settings.

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-9-25-11-am Printscreen : Around 9am
screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-9-26-17-amPrintscreen : Around 1pm
screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-9-24-49-amPrintscreen : Indoor Low light


The focusing is pretty slow for me. XA2 reminds me of myself, having a difficult time in focusing on one subject for longer periods of time. :)) Manual focusing is hard too by the way!

Big Lens

I know, I can buy another lens but it costs too much. The lens is great for its price, but I needed a much more compact camera.



If you don’t shoot videos that much or if you’re not very particular with video quality and settings, GO FOR THIS CAMERA! Hands down superb image quality and it’s compact enough for traveling. I bought mine in Henry’s Professional.


If you have other questions, comment below. :) I hope this simple review helped you in some way. :)

  1. Hi! What’s the size of the photos you capture? I have the same but why does mine only have the sizes of around 200-600kb. That’s why everytime i zoom the pic its pixelated. Just wondering why because with the iphone the images are sized at usually 3-5mb

    • Hi! Back when I was using my Fujifilm, I always shoot with Large which produce 3-5mb too! I’m not sure why your size is just around 200-600kb. Try adjusting the imagine size to large or Raw. I hope it helps! :)

    • I haven’t tried that yet but I heard that it’s good too! I suggest that you watch reviews on Youtube. Sample video shots and photos. :)

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