Dealing with Relationship Jumping


QUESTION: While I was online catching up with my friends (people I meet from online RPGs), I found out that he, currently 15 year old, had 10 past and ended relationships. I think by the numbers, the age of having relationships is getting younger and the fruit of that can be very harmful to unsupervised children. What sort of approach do you think is best for this phenomenon?

ANSWER: Thank you for sharing this. This is actually one of the reasons why we created Him and Us. We will share stories and life lessons that we believe will help you. We hope that it can grant you sufficient knowledge to be able to influence your friend in a positive way.

First of all, we want to establish that it’s normal for teenagers to desire to be liked. We believe that many teenagers today get into relationships because of that reason.

16807339_940232636080526_8850692597203404040_n (Photo by: Sam De Asis – Edited by: Ralph Lim – Photo grabbed from Crossroads)

Divert their attention by enhancing their talents and hobbies. 

Based on the information you’ve given us, we believe the right approach is influencing your friend (and other people with similar circumstances) to divert their attention by enhancing their talents and hobbies first. It is also VERY important to stick with people that can help you grow and get closer to God, not just the friends you make in RPGs. 

Start with that. As we release more material, it’s up to you to share them with your friends!  :)

PS: Here are some throwback photo of us doing what we love to do: shoot videos, host, and playing the drums!

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