Color Your NiQUA


Bags bags bags! It’s every girl’s fascination. When I was younger, I couldn’t go out without my bag. All kinds of sizes and colors…from body bags to shoulder bags…you name it, I got ‘em!

Everything changed when I got into photography. My colorful cute bags turned into a big black camera bag.

Thank God people started selling cute camera bags! It rekindled my love for it, and I started looking them up online. One of the bags I loved the most were NiQUA’s leather bags!


Simply put, the brown bags are amazing, coupled with NiQUA’s brilliant idea of giving you the option to customize your bag!

Color Your NiQUA” lets you choose the style of the bag that you want, the size, and the color! They have 15 colors to choose from. You can also put monograms. If I remember correctly, they can now make up to 10 letters already!




Thank God for Share Movement and for the generous Bunnie for sending 5 Color Your NiQua catalogs for our Craft and Share workshop! 2 of our attendees won them in our mini contest!

I chose this Manico Tan bag because I love the color so much and it’s just the right size for my laptop.

Ahhh! I love it so much! They really have lots of other leather products to choose from!


Great news for you guys! NiQUA will be having a DIY-Make-Your-Own-Bag event this coming October 30 and 31! You wouldn’t want to miss this!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 9.11.56 AM

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks Bunnie and NiQUA for always supporting Share Movement:)

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